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Graduate Student Research Support Grants


Due to COVID-19, travel restrictions, and national events funding can be restricted at any time even after an award has been approved.


To address Strategic Plan Priority 2.1 Create and Expand Quality Learning Opportunities specifically Objective 2.1.2 – Enhance quality research experiences for undergraduate and graduate students, the Office of Undergraduate Research announces its Graduate Student Research Support Grants (GSRSG) competition to aid in the creation of scholarly and creative works in all disciplines. These grants support the university effort to encourage and support the research, scholarly, and creative endeavors of graduate students in the College of Graduate Students.


GSRSGs are intended to support:

GSRSGs are not intended to support:



  1. Graduate students are limited to one GSRSG in any two year period.
  2. Graduate student are limited to no more than one proposal, and one active GSRSG.
  3. The University expects the applicant to remain a student for a minimum of two (2) consecutive semesters of enrollment during the completion of a funded project, or funds will have to be reimbursed.

Deadline                            Notification Date (approximate)        Distribution to FacMentor

Rolling                                Approximately two weeks        All expenditures must be completed by June 30,2021

Graduate Student Research Support Grant Proposal

Proposal Budget Template

Proposal Title Page

Anticipated Graduation
If your anticipated graduation date is not listed, then you are not eligible for this funding opportunity.
Application submission
Please email your proposal package to osri@apsu.edu