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The African American Studies program is designed to build a community of learners and to create a climate of intellectual energy that embraces students, faculty, staff and friends of Austin Peay. African American Studies courses prepare students to think critically about U.S. society and disparities of power related to race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, religion and (trans)national identity. Consequently, students will have a vocabulary that will allow them to talk about race in a manner that is not diminishing, demeaning, reductive or ad hominem. Thus, the classroom becomes a space where students can have meaningful — and sometimes painfully honest — conversations about race, tackling complex aspects that are oftentimes avoided because of the politically-charged nature of race.


Program Faculty

Dr. Dwonna Goldstone, Department of Languages and Literature/African American Studies

Dr. Jill Eichhorn, Department of Languages and Literature/Women's and Gender Studies

Dr. Kelly Jones, Department of History and Philosophy