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Dean's CircleCollege of Business Dean's Circle

The Dean’s Circle recognizes individual donors who have made a contribution exceeding $1,000 in either the previous or the current fiscal year to the College of Business. These gifts provide the college with the flexibility to provide opportunities to enrich our students’ education, engage with our alumni, and support the work of our faculty and staff. 

All Dean’s Circle members will receive recognition in the College of Business annual report, on the College of Business website, at College of Business events, and an invitation to all special college events.

  • Larry Carroll
  • James Holleman
  • Don Jenkins
  • Wayne Pace
  • Brad Averitt
  • Rebecca Averitt
  • Henry Bowman
  • Tom Henry
  • Ben S. Kimbrough, Jr.
  • Ron & Mary Ann Leath
  • Leeza Osborne
  • Sammy Stuard
  • John Swigart
  • Brad Withrow
  • Scott and Tammy Cowan
  • Kevin Hackney
  • Todd Harvey
  • John McGee
  • Jeffery Ogan
  • Rachel Vinson


  • Rick Canady
  • Michael Hargis
  • George Leavell
  • Faye Silva


  • Billy Duvall
  • William Hadley
  • Mickey Hepner
  • David Hogan
  • Ginna Holleman
  • Brad O'Shoney
  • Robert Perry
  • Gary Scott
  • Arun Subhas
  • Staci Trimm
  • Zachary Walton