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Career Counseling

VetSuccess On Campus understands that not everyone is born knowing what they want to do when they “grow up."  Many of our Service Members, Veterans, and Dependents using educational benefits struggle to find a career path that is suited for them.  Using the Chapter 36 Educational/Vocational Counseling program, we can provide you the tools and skills to make that decision-making process much more manageable.  Using the CareerScope online vocational assessment, we offer testing and evaluation to assess your skills, abilities and interests to help you understand who you are vocationally.  We have access to a wealth of job market information to take what you bring to the table-  your background, skills, abilities, and interests- and match that information up with what is actually going on in the real word of work.  And, if you are a disabled Veteran, we take a look at your functional limitations so that we can match you up with jobs that won’t aggravate your service-connected disabilities.  So, in essence, we are helping to set you up for success by helping you to identify your strengths and interests and match those important things up to a program of study and subsequent career path where you can find the success that we know you are seeking.

Career Onestop

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