If you own a smartphone such as an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android, you can probably use the built-in mail application on your phone to connect to APSU's LiveMail email application. Please follow the general instructions below to establish a connection.

  1. Go to your mail application and add a new account.
  2. Choose either IMAP or Exchange ActiveSync as the connection type.
  3. Enter your email address such as "" and your password.
    1. Note: Your password is initially set to the six-digit date of your birth.
  4. If your phone asks for an Incoming Mail Server Host Name, enter
  5. Use the settings below for IMAP or External SMTP server:
    1. External IMAP setting:
      Server name:
      Port: 993
      Encryption method: SSL
    2. External SMTP setting:
      Server name:
      Port: 587
      Encryption method: TLS

For further information on connecting specific phones to the APSU LiveMail email system, please check out the full set of Microsoft instructions at:

Faculty and Staff Instructions

If you're a faculty or staff member using an iPhone or an iPod and want to connect to your Exchange email, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Under the Settings menu select "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars".
  3. Add Account.
  4. Select "Microsoft Exchange".
  5. Enter your email address and "apsu" as the domain.
    Domain: apsu
    Username: smithj
    Password: (Your A-number is the default. Be sure to capitalize the "A")
  6. If you are asked for either an "incoming mail server" or an "outgoing mail/SMTP server" name, use "".
  7. Click "Next" and finish the new account setup.
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